The COO Leaders Resources Summit 2014 will help your organisation keep up to date with some of the major challenges currently facing the mining industry, including issues such as; using technology to drive optimal mining productivity, re-evaluating cost control strategies to cushion the impact of high commodity prices, implementing well structured compliance processes and policies in a changing regulatory environment, innovating new system processes that are compatible with your organisation to boost efficiency, monitoring existing projects and creating opportunities for new projects, and maximising automation, heighten profitability and accelerate business expansion.

The event will also provide COO leaders with a unique opportunity to interact with their peers through a series of sessions including targeted and personalised workshops, keynotes, panels, think tanks, roundtables and one on one meetings. With Australian resource companies needing to address so many of these major obstacles like never before it is so important for leaders to be open minded and explore new opportunities that will have a positive impact on their business.

In order to help our COO Leaders overcome these pressing issues, we will invite an elite group of 20 supplier companies down to support them with their purchasing and investment initiatives, for the following 12 months. Attendees will be able to pre-arrange a number of meetings with all prior to the event.

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